Register groups to get Government funding – Mbooni MP

Mbooni MP Erastus Kivasu handing out a cheque worth 500,000 to women groups at Kikima social hall. Kivasu has urged locals to register groups to benefit from Government funding. (Photo - Frank/Mauvoo)

Mbooni MP Erastus Kivasu has urged his constituents to register groups so as to benefit from Government funding like Uwezo, Youth, and Women Enterprise Fund to embrace entrepreneurship in order to fight unemployment.

Speaking at Kikima Social Hall in on Sunday, after he issued Women Enterprise Fund cheques worth 3.8 million to 21 women groups from Mbooni Constituency, the legislator said youth and women are the core drivers of the country’s economy.

The lawmaker challenged his constituents to organize themselves in groups and use state funds as capital for their businesses. He said Uwezo, Youth, and Women Enterprise Fund awards loans and grants to registered groups for business purposes but not individuals.

“Am pleading to you especially youths and women to come up with different and viable ideas so that you benefit from this government fund. I am sure it can improve your livelihoods and subsequently the economy of the whole constituency,” Kivasu said.

He said that for the last few years his office has disbursed 71 million to more than 400 women groups.

The MP noted that in the past, such funds had not been used to the maximum and were returned unused and asked more groups to register and take up the monies for business purposes.

“I will be very disappointed to see the money returned. The money that has been allocated to Mbooni Constituency should be borrowed by any of the qualified groups,” he said.

Kivasu urged the beneficiaries to utilise the cash appropriately for their benefit and to embark on income-generating activities.

“I wish that you will pay the money at high rate and fast so that you can borrow much more and expand your businesses and start enjoying state fruits,” The Mbooni MP advised.

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