Rachel Ruto Speaks of Another Miracle of a Dove and Anointing Oil in Kitui

Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Mama Rachel Ruto has revealed another miracle was witnessed in Kitui days after she stated that she prayed for dirty water in her Karen home and was purified.

Addressing women drawn from Kitui West, Kitui Rural, Kitui East, and Kitui Central constituencies in KEFRI Kitui town, Rachel narrated how clergy who attended Kitui Prayer day and political leaders sent her a message of what happened during the prayer day at the Kitui bus park on Friday 13th May.

“I don’t know whether you heard what happened during the prayer day held in Kitui led by the prayer caravan coming from Nairobi,” she posed a question to the women.

Rachel revealed that one of the clergy send her a photo of how they witnessed a miracle in Kitui.

“There were three white doves that came and stood at the table that they had placed anointing oil carried by the clergy to come and pray for Kitui. This miracle meant peace and that Kitui is blessed and that everything will be alright even in our country. Even now we are saying that there is no money, spiritually it means that there is something that was done by the clergy and you will see how God works,” she revealed.

Rachel Ruto met the women groups to empower women in Kitui during her two-day visit where she encouraged the women to form groups that will be used to empower them if DP Ruto becomes the President.

Through her Joyful Women Organization, she promised to support the women of Kitui adding that when you empower a woman the whole family is empowered.

Drumming support to UDA Women representative Penina Malonza, she stated that she will work hand in hand with her if she becomes the next women representative to ensure that all women get support from the Next regime.

“Let’s register and join women groups. If you join earlier, you’ll be given more money in your groups and I want to assure you that the money that will come will be enough for all the women in Kitui,” she added.

Mama Rachel also called upon the Kamba community to support DP Ruto saying he is the best deal for the country and will lift the ordinary Kenyans at the bottom.


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