Public Participation Date and Venues for the Kitui 2023-2027 CIDP

The County Government of Kitui re-scheduled public participation for Kitui County Third Generation County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP 2023-2027) from 27th October 2022 to  November 3rd, 2022.

The Public participation will be different from the past ones since it will be held from the Ward level to allow more Kitui residents to show up and participate in the crucial development blueprint.

The exercise will be held from 10 am to 5:30 pm in all 40 wards of Kitui County. Below are the venues for the public participation forum in each ward. 

In Kitui Central sub-county, the venue for Kisasi ward will be AIC Kisasi, Mbitini ward will be meeting at AIC Mbitini, Kwa Vonza/ Yatta ward will be meeting at ACK Church Kiusyani while in Kanyangi ward t Kanyangi Market shades. Miambani ward will meet at the ward office, Township ward at the ward offices, Kyangwithya West ward at Ithiiani polytechnic, Mulango ward at Katulani Social Hall, and Kyangwithya East ward at Kwa- Ukungu shopping center.

In Kitui East sub-county the forums in Zombe/Mwitika ward will be at AIC Sombe, Nzambani ward will be in Chuluni DCC’s hall, Chuluni ward at Inyuu Chief’s grounds, Voo/Kyamatu ward at PEFA church Voo, Endau/Malalani ward AIC Endau, and Mutitu/Kaliku ward will be meeting in Mutitu Social Hall.

 In Kitui South sub-county, Ikanga/Kyatune ward residents will meet at Ikanga Resource center, Mutomo ward at Mutomo Stadium, Mutha ward at Ward’s administration office, Ikutha ward at Ikutha Chief’s office, Kanziku ward at AIC Kanziku, and in Athi ward the public participation will be at AIC Kituti.

In Kitui West sub-county, Mutonguni ward will hold their forum at the Chiefs camp/ Health center, Kauwi ward will meet at Kauwii Chiefs camp,  Matinyani ward will be at Matinyani market, and Kwa Mutonga/Kithumula ward will be meeting at the ward admins office.

In Mwingi North sub-county, Ngomeni ward residents will meet at Ngomeni Polytechnic, Kyuso ward at Kyuso Vocational, Mumoni ward at Katse Polytechnic, Tseikuru ward at Tseikuru Resource Center, and Tharaka Ward at TWWUA hall.

Mwingi West sub-county, in Kyome/Thaana ward the meeting will be held at the Ward office Kavaini, Nguutani at Nguutani market, Migwani ward at Baraza Park Migwani and in Kiomo/Kyethani ward will be at the ward office in Kiomo.

Mwingi Central sub-county, in Central ward, the forum will be held at the Ward administrators’ grounds, Kivou ward at Mwingi Resource Center, Nguni ward at the ward administrators office, Nuu ward at AIC Nuu church, Mui ward at Mathuki AIC Church, and Waita ward at the administrators’ office. 

Residents have been encouraged to turn up in large numbers to highlight the development they would like to be done in their respective wards.

The County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) is usually one of the first tasks of a newly elected government and It is the core five-year development plan that integrates the long-term spatial, sector, and urban plans with inputs from the Governor’s manifesto, national government plans, and programs, past county development performance and the views and expectations of other development actors and the public at large.

The CIDP sets the priorities and guides all county government spending until the next elections.

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