Probe launched into the murder and defilement of a class 8 girl in Wamunyu

Police and detectives at the scene where a class 8 girl was found defiled and murdered by unknown people in Wamunyu. (Photo credit-Juline /Mauvoo

Sleuths in Mwala Subcounty, Machakos County have launched a probe to unearth the suspected defilement and murder of a 14-year-old class 8 girl who was waylaid on her way home from Ndituni trading center in Wamunyu Sunday evening.

Confirming the incident, Kaitha Assistant Chief David Soso said that he got a phone call at around 9 am from a neighbor informing him that he had seen a body near a river and he did not know what had happened to the victim.

“I got a call in the morning from a neighbor about a body he had seen near the river and I rushed to the scene and found it was class 8 girl from a nearby school. She had been defiled and murdered and I called the police who came to the scene and took the body,” The Assistant chief said.

He added that detectives from Mwala Subcounty took two suspects with them for interrogations as investigations commence concerning the incident that has left many in shock.

He has asked police to fast track the investigations and put to justice the people who did that to an innocent child.

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