Police should quickly unearth the cause of Saturday’s fire incident – Ngilu


Kitui county Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu Sunday urged the police department and investigators to expedite investigations into the cause of the Fire incident that occurred late Saturday evening affecting the Tourism building. The tourism building has been hosting the environment and natural resource ministry, tourism, sports and culture ministry and the ministry of education. The building also hosted the critical human resource department.

Ngilu also pointed out that some of the officers in the 3 ministries were facing investigations but avoided to relate it to the incident. The offices lost vital documents and property worth millions of shillings. Investigators led by Kitui county deputy commissioner Otieno Odidi spent better part of the day in the scene of the incident but they have not yet established the cause of the inferno.

According to Ngilu, Kitui residents should avoid rumors on the cause of the fire. Eye witnesses that Spoke to our Kitui correspondent pointed out a mechanical problem with the transformer serving the offices which started around 8.00pm, the guard switched off the main switch but at around 11.00 pm flames were seen around the second floor and then the fire spread out after calls to fire fighters went unanswered.

It is not yet clear why the fire fighters delayed even after calls by senior county officials to them. By the time a water boozer arrived, the fire had already consumed everything it could and there was nothing to be salvaged.

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