Police nab sick cows and donkeys in Kitui slaughterhouse

A sick cow awaiting to be slaughtered at Kitui slaughterhouse before the police raided the facility Friday night. (Photo- Raphael/Mauvoo)

10 people were on Friday night (August 28th) arrested by police for allowing donkeys and diseased cows to be slaughtered at Kitui slaughterhouse in Kitui town.

In an operation spearhead by Kitui county police Commander Johanna Tanui, the police found old and diseased cow being slaughtered in the abattoir, then being sold in different butcheries within Kitui town.

The police commander revealed to the press that among the 10 arrested one is an animals vet who instead of observing the health of the animal, has been allowing the sick ones to be sold to members of the public.

He was shocked by seeing donkeys around waiting to be slaughtered in the abattoir and their meat be sold to the Public as cow meat.

“Inside we found a lot of cows and there were 3 donkeys which were mixed together with those cows to be slaughtered. As we moved into the main room we found 4 cows which were sickly, one of those cows had a skin disease to a point that there is a lot of wounds on the skin,” Tanui said.

He promised to ensure the Kitui slaughterhouse is closed until it meets the requirements as the NEMA team had directed.

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) in July closed the Kitui slaughterhouse for what they termed as not meeting the required standards of hygiene.

“The NEMA team had already closed this slaughterhouse but the management did not take that warning, now it has shown a lot of impunity and from now henceforth we are going to be very tough on them, this place will remain closed until requirements are met,” he promised.

The Kitui police commander appealed to members of the public to be alert and inform the police once they see animals being brought in the slaughterhouse, for quick measures of the law to be taken.

“It is the health of the citizens which is being jeopardized because if those donkeys were slaughtered alongside those sickly cows I think it could end up in our butcheries and anybody could have been affected and then we start having other diseases,” The commander ended.

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