Police Intervene after rival Kinatwa Sacco and Kinatwa Prestige Sacco clash in Kitui Bus park

Teargas thrown by police on 2 rival saccos Kinatwa and Kinatwa prestige Sacco. (Photo - Joshua)

For the second time this week, Transport was paralyzed in Kitui Bus Park where two Sacco’s have been fighting. Kinatwa Sacco and the new Prestige Sacco have been wrangling on who should be managing the main stage to Nairobi (Afya Center) in the Kitui Bus Park.

The stage was being previously controlled by Kinatwa Sacco but after the emergence of Kinatwa Prestige, things are not the same.

After investigations by Mauvoo News, we found out that one of the Saccos is charging less and that was one of the main causes for the wrangles. Many Kitui residents are now preferring to use Kinatwa Prestige as they say it’s cheaper and smart according to one of the residents who spoke to Mauvoo News.

Police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the protestors of the old Kinatwa Sacco who have been seeking their competitors (Kinatwa Prestige) to vacate from the bus park and look for an alternative place. Kitui residents are now begging the County Government to intervene in the situation saying that they have never reacted to the situation which has made transport hectic.

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One of the residents said that ” If you can reach our able Governor Kitui County, Madam Ngilu remind her that she was elected to better the lives of the people. Some matatu Saccos are conflicting and for almost a week now matatu transport in Kitui Town is hectic.

He also added that ” As at now, police are all over this place as matatu business is at standstill, Madam Ngilu I believe you can do something.”

The two squabbling Saccos have a case in court over the same wrangles at Kitui Courts. The arrival of the new SACCOs, according to the residents will bring to an end to the monopoly in the matatu market where some of the Sacco’s have been hicking the prices.

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