Please pay me! Young entrepreneur begs Maendeleo Chap Chap party


Friday afternoon, Youthful entrepreneur Antony Meeli calls our news room asking for an urgent interview. Our editor grants his request and we meet in a city hotel next day for this interview. A few minutes past 3.00pm a seemingly distressed Antony appears at the venue of the interview.

He takes us through his painful journey after supplying Maendeleo Chap Chap cap worth 1.6 million. He used all his life savings to supply the order that he hoped would boost his business, but this was never to be. Before this fateful day all orders that he supplied were paid in time without any hustle. “I had to hire a taxi to deliver the orders every day on time”, he adds

Antony did not lose hope and went ahead to supply 1000 caps on the 1st of June 2017 as Mutua was being cleared by IEBC to run for the Machakos gubernatorial position with a promise that he would get all payment that actual day. On the evening he got a cheque of 160,000 against his debt of 1.6 million. He was asked to visit Maendeleo Chap Chap Lavington office for the balance the next day but all he got was excuses.

Antony’s contact person who made the orders Dennis Muchemi then blocked his mobile number and he could not reach him to follow up on the payments. This has affected his business and he is almost closing shop due to lack of working capital to even meet basic business expenses such as paying rent and his employees.

The orders were made through a ‘gentle man’s’ agreement hence it’s hard for him to pursue it in court. Antony has not lost hope and he believes the Mutua led party will honor their word and pay for the caps so that he goes on with his business. Antony showed us messages of the orders and the positive feedback he received after delivering.After the story went viral in social media and newspapers this month, his contact person asked him to either choose to be famous or to be paid his money.

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  1. I am a keen and staunch follower of MCCP but time and again I am disappointed by their perennial betrayal of deals especially related to business. The untold ordeals of people not getting paid by Mutua in the name of waiting to inspect the product is disappointing. You supply today and they claim to inspect the product 6 months from now. Which product really isn’t worn out even in 2 weeks.
    I’m disappointed once more in Mutua, specifically Mutua because, what your agents do and you don’t act, it means it’s orders from above.


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