Persons living with Disability in Mwala express distress, Say Government has neglected them


The Organization of Persons with Disability in Mwala, Machakos County has expressed their distress and said that the National Government and the County Government of Machakos have desserted them.

The organization, through their coordinator in Mwala Peninah Katunge Mbuvi now wants the Department to remember them and provide them with wheel-chairs and white canes, which they have not received for a long time.

Speaking to Mauvoo News in Wamunyu, Mwala the organization’s coordinator said that the people with disabilities have been forgotten and have challenges and pleaded with the government to intervene and help them.

“Those of us who are crippled have challenges because they can’t walk on their own especially when it’s raining or the weather is hot, since they can’t walk fast and others can’t walk on their own. They have not received wheel chairs despite asking them for a long time. I want to ask the government to kindly help them get wheel-chairs so that they can go wherever they want without any assistant or difficulties.” Peninah said.

Peninah also urged the 2 levels of Government through the Department of the blind and the visually impaired to provide the visually impaired and the blind with the white canes since most don’t have them and suffer a lot when walking around, having to bother other people to take them around.

“Again, we ask the government to help those who don’t see with white canes so that they can be able to walk themselves around without any need for assistance,” she added.

White canes help the users to scan their surroundings for obstacles that may hinder their movements and therefore the visually impaired people can walk around with them without need of much assistant.

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