Pastor Ndonye: The truth about Kindu Kii kya Yesu song

Chris Ndonye is popularly known for his song ‘Kindu Kii Kya Yesu’ released 4 years ago.

In a recent interview, Ndonye disclosed that he had the talent to sing since he was young.

Born in Wote, Makueni County Ndonye could sing and even preach while in High School and only started music formally in 2013.

“I began singing long ago but recorded the songs in 2013, my first song Nipe Imani was written while in Form 2 which is in 2009. After High School, I would be invited to sing and preach in churches and that is how the gift in me was fanned,” Ndonye said.

He disclosed that the song is about the salvation of Jesus Christ and not anything else.

Ndonye said that the song came to him while leading praise and worship songs on the church altar.

“I was singing several songs then it came to me, looking at the people they were dancing happily. I sang the opening verse ‘Kindu kii kya yesu ki muyo‘ and everyone shouted. I had not even recorded the song but I sang for several minutes,” The singer narrated.

“I went for a crusade in Wote town and sang the same song and the people loved it and that is when I realized I needed to record the song or someone else might take advantage and do it before me,” he added.

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The singer noted that the song which has so far garnered 1.5 million views on Youtube became a phenomenon and within a week it was played all over.

He however noted that some people take the song to be vulgar based on how some people sing and dance to it.

The artist insists the song is inspirationally meant to pass the good news of Jesus to people.

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