Parents decry increased cost of textbooks and stationery ahead of Monday’s school reopening

A bookseller in Machakos speaks to Mauvoo News on how his business has been affected by the pandemic. (Photo -Hillary/Mauvoo)

Ahead of the Monday 10th May 2021 school reopening Mauvoo News interacted with several parents and stakeholders in Machakos Town as they rushed to do shopping ahead of the reopening.

Parents who spoke to Mauvoo News decried an increased cost of textbooks, stationery, and the ordinary shopping used by students.

“I wonder where we are heading as the cost of books has increased. We are struggling to get what we can afford since we can’t just neglect our children.” Patrick Wambua one of the parents told Mauvoo News.

Some of the parents revealed that with the Covid-19 pandemic having affected their income, they don’t have money to buy school essentials, making them send back their children without some of the essentials.

Another parent said, “James who is my son will just go back to school without books even if it’s important. What will I do without money?”

We reached out to Patrick Mutuku Ndonye a bookseller who pointed out that before the Covid-19 pandemic things were smooth but since the onset of the pandemic things have changed.

“In the past a day like today we received so many customers, but even up to now 4 pm we haven’t received many customers. I wonder if the school re-opening calendar has been postponed since this is like a dream to me.” Mutuku said.

Ann Kanini, a student who is expected to go back to school tomorrow opened up that she has never gone to school without some essentials but this time she will have to due to the circumstances.

The parents asked the Government to at least come in even if it was through subsidizing the school fees as they had been affected much by the pandemic with some of them reporting job losses.

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