Over 20,000 Kibwezi households to benefit from Kitchen gardens

A section of Ushirika wa Wajane self-help group members from Masumba, Kibwezi West plant Sukuma wiki in a vertical bag donated by Kibwezi Empowerment Forum. (Photo - Frank/Mauvoo)

Over 20,000 households across Kibwezi -West constituency in Makueni county are set to benefit from vertical bags to start kitchen gardens.

The new kitchen garden technology program was initiated by the Kibwezi Empowerment Foundation in a bid to tackle the imminent food shortage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kibwezi Empowerment Foundation patron Mwengi Mutuse said the vertical bags farming program is set to enable residents to start kitchen gardens that will bring the availability of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that will improve their diets and boost immunity to fight COVID-19.

Mutuse, the Machakos county chief of staff noted that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the country’s nutrition situation especially among vulnerable households and there is a need for emergency support to produce nutritious foods.

“This COVID-19 has declared many people jobless. Most households in this Kibwezi region are not able to buy food. The kitchen garden program is meant to cushion them and maintain healthy living during this pandemic,” he said.

Mwengi added the program targets women groups in all wards across Kibwezi-West consistency. “We have already trained all beneficiaries on how to set a kitchen garden using vertical bags. Every household has already received a vertical bag, different types of vegetable seeds like kales, spinach, tomatoes among others.”

The Machakos chief of staff said special attention will also be given to the jobless youth who too will receive a package to initiate the program to grow vegetables for sale.

Esther Maweu, Ushirika wa Wajane chair lady from Kwasyula village in Nguu location Kibwezi said that the programme is a boost to her family, especially during this COVID-19 period.

“It has been a struggle for me to get enough money to buy fruits and vegetables for my children. I am a happy mother… this kitchen garden will produce enough sukuma wiki and tomatoes for my family.” Said Esther Maweu.

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