Over 2000 farmers in Mitaboni ward receive free seeds

Mitaboni MCA Fred Muthoka distributing seeds to residents. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Over 2000 farmers in Mitaboni ward have received free seeds from their MCA Fred Mbuva in partnership with Haraka seed company and Machakos County Government.

The MCA Fred Mbuva said that food security is paramount to development citing that availability and accessibility of food is a critical factor in society.

Speaking at Mitaboni ward where he was starting distributing maize and tomato seeds to the community in partnership with Machakos County government, Mbuva said that they are targeting farmers during this rainy season so that they can uplift their standards given that most of them have been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We are combining efforts with the County Government and Haraka seed company to ensure that our people can access affordable seeds to increase their production and this period that the economy has been hit due to the pandemic and the common mwananchi is still struggling to make ends meet, ” Mbuva said.

Several leaders from Machakos County have been on the forefront to distribute seeds to farmers during this rainy season with Machakos Women Representative Joyce Kamene Kasimbi kicking off the distribution of seeds in Yatta, Masimga, and Mwala Subcounty.

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