Opinion: Governor Mutua should work for the people of Machakos or resign to campaign for 2022

A past photo of Governor Mutua in Nyahururu for a 'listening tour'. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

On the 6th of September, Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua who also couples up as Maendeleo Chap Chap party leader launched his 2022 presidential bid. I never knew that meant he would literally start campaigning thereafter.

A Month Later, the Chap Chap party leader began nationwide “listening tours” in Masii, Machakos County. Every ward in Machakos has been holding public participation during the budgeting process. Their input is actionable during that time. But purporting to conduct listening tours while the input we give during public participation is ignored is taking the people of Machakos for fools. I am glad the tours didn’t continue in Machakos.

Let’s come to the Nationwide “Listening tours”, a fantastic idea but wrong timing. It is very clear that as long as Governor Mutua is still the sitting Governor of Machakos, the privileges that come with that position are granted to him even while outside Machakos county.

His signature red carpet, security detail, and motorcade have to be present wherever he goes. What does that mean, more expenditure on fuel, local travel, maintenance of the vehicle due to more movement, and even allowances. This money should go to bursaries, water, and more pressing needs for the people of Machakos.

Why the Governor must resign if he wants to go campaign for 2022 is simple. Machakos people have no funds to spend on someone’s campaign. They need service delivery. Roads in Syokimau and other areas are in a dilapidated state despite the revenue the county gets from those areas.

Further, Mutua since 2013 has seen no sense in engaging organized Machakos groups such as youths, professionals to get to hear their priorities. His listening tours are just gimmicks and pure public relations.

Machakos County Assembly in the coming financial year must slash Mutua’s budget on travel, operations, and maintenance. Let those hundreds of millions go to the pressing needs of the Machakos people.

The choice is very simple for Mutua, instead of spending weekdays campaigning, just resign to give you ample time to go around the country. If that is hard for you to do, then settle down and work for the people of Machakos.

The writer Vincent Mwanzia is a political analyst from Machakos County.

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