Open pits nightmare back in Mlolongo

Last week, a school-going child was rescued from an open pit in Mlolongo where she fell while going home from school.

Locals who were around responded immediately and brought out the kid from the pit filled with murky waters and dirt.

She was then rushed to the hospital for treatment as she had minor injuries.

Open pits have been a danger to small kids in the area and the locals want owners of the plots where the pits are to cover them to prevent accidents.

Daniel Mwanza a local said that some of the pits are filled with dirty water and situated in areas where children play or pass daily posing a danger to them.

“On 26th February 2020, we raised our concerns on open pits within Mlolongo and especially Phase 3 after several lives of innocent children were lost. On Monday, a two and half years girl was rescued from one of the open pits and up to now nothing has happened in ensuring that the open pit is sealed. We seem not to have learned from our past mistakes,” Mwanza said.

“I would love to urge the concerned authorities to ensure these pits are covered to avoid deaths of our children more so this rainy season,” he added.

Recently, the locals also expressed concerns over uncollected garbage from end of last year. Missed the story? check it out below;

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