OKA will get a third of Azimio Government Matungulu MP discloses

Matungulu MP Stephen Mule addressing the press in Kyeleni (photo Credit-Juline/Mauvoo)

Matungulu MP Stephen Mutinda Mule has revealed that a third of the next government formed under Azimio la Umoja will go to One Kenya Alliance (OKA) which is led by Wiper leader Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka.

Speaking at a burial service of Ann Mutave in Kyeleni ward, Mule said that for some time now, the Kamba community had sought to be in Government and this time they were sure that they were going to have a say in the next government.

“Let me assure you that of all the times that the Kamba community has searched for leadership and to be in Government, this time around we are sure that we are going to have a say,” he said.

“A third of the Government that is being formed will be OKA which is led by Kalonzo Musyoka and Gideon Moi and you shall see the fruits of this coalition,” he added.

Mule called on the Kamba community not to be swayed away by naysayers saying that they knew the agreement they made with Raila and that they are strong as a community.

“I want to ask the Kamba community not to have any worries because we are in Azimio to stay and politics in Ukambani have no problem,” said Mule.

The vocal politician urged people to register in mass as Wiper party members because of the upcoming nominations to ensure that they elect the right leaders to represent them saying that the Wiper party was going to conduct free and fair nominations.

“All I can ask is for people to register as Wiper party members as we approach the primaries. I assure you that Wiper will conduct free and fair nominations,” Mule went on.

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