ODM senator downplays Kalonzo’s popularity in Ukambani, says he needs more control


Homabay senator Moses Kajwang says Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka needs to manage Eastern politics better.

Speaking during an interview at Citizen TV this morning, Kajwang said that Kalonzo does have the heart of the people of Ukambani but he has mismanaged it.

“For him to be able to convince the whole country that he can be a good leader first he should bring together and convince his people first.” The vocal senator said.

“In Ukambani and eastern province Kalonzo Musyoka still has the heart of the people but he has mismanaged it,” he said.

He gave an example of how Kalonzo/Wiper has few legislators in his home turf.

“Look in Machakos the governor is not from Wiper, Kabaka was also not from Wiper but CCU, look in Kitui and even Makueni, he is having problems with people who used him to get elected,” he said.

“Right now Wiper has only three senators out of 60 previously Wiper had more, we had Omar Hassan in Mombasa, Muthama, and Musila. I think Kalonzo Musyoka needs to manage eastern politics better for him to convince Kenyans that he can manage politics of the nation,” he added.

Kajwang reiterated that there was a lot of rebellion coming from Ukambani from leaders who should be working with Kalonzo.

The legislator noted that even if Wiper wins in Machakos senatorial election it will be a local win. This is because Wiper already lost the seat in 2017.

He said that he hopes anyone who gets elected as Machakos senator will be able to fit in the late Kabaka’s shoes.

“Whoever gets elected I hope he or she can do half of what Kabaka did,” he said.

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