Kitui family wants compensation after monkey bites child to death


A family at Kwa Aombe village, Nzambani sub-county, Kitui East have demanded for compensation for their 11-month-old baby, who was attacked and killed by a Monkey on Wednesday.

Benson Mwambu the father of the deceased child blamed the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) officers for negligence, saying the monkeys have been stubborn to the locals for a long time and they have not gotten any help from the Government.

On that fateful day according to Mwambu, monkeys stormed their home and when his wife tried to chase them to avoid the destruction of crops, while she was ar a distance of few metres, one of the monkeys snapped his child playing with others and bite her several times on the head.

“I want the KWS to fully compensate my child because these monkeys have been a threat to us for a while and once we inform them, no action is taken.,” Mwambu said.

The incident was Confirmed by Ngungi location area chief Kawembe Kimanzi who said the monkeys have occupied his area for a while following the thick bushy surroundings.

He revealed the child was immediately taken to Inyuu dispensary, where she was confirmed dead.

The area chief appealed to locals to chase monkeys when they are in a team and close their children in houses to avoid attacks from wild animals.

This comes barely a week after a middle-aged man in Mutitu, was attacked and killed by a marauding buffalo. Locals have been decrying to KWS officers to take quick measures to return the wild animals to Kitui game reserve to avoid human wild conflicts.

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