Normalcy returns to Kitui Bus park after Ngilu’s intervention on Kinatwa Sacco wrangles

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu after reaching a truce between Kinatwa Sacco and the Kinatwa prestige Sacco. (Photo - G press)

After close to 3 days of Chaos at Kitui Bus Park orchestrated by the rivalry between 2 Saccos; Kinatwa Sacco and the Kinatwa prestige Sacco, Normalcy has returned after Governor Charity Ngilu met the two factions of the Kinatwa buses’ team.

The meeting was also attended by Kitui OCPD and Base Commander among other officials.

They all agreed to operate from where they have been operating with Ngilu promising to expand the bus park to accommodate even more Saccos.

Last saturday, transport was paralyzed in Kitui Bus Park where two Sacco’s have been fighting. Kinatwa Sacco and the new Prestige Sacco have been wrangling on who should be managing the main stage to Nairobi (Afya Center) in the Kitui Bus Park.

Police were forced to use tear gas to disperse the protestors of the old Kinatwa Sacco who have been seeking their competitors (Kinatwa Prestige) to vacate from the bus park and look for an alternative place.

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