“Nmekuwa Dryspell for Eight Years!” Twendi Twendi hitmaker

A past photo of Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau. (Photo -File)

Gospel musician and Twendi Twendi hitmaker Justina Syokau has shocked her fans after claiming to have been single since she divorced her husband 8 years ago and on a dry spell.

In an interview at Baraka FM Syokau noted that after parting ways with her husband, she has never known any man sexually. She noted that despite her stature and religion she wouldn’t settle for a mediocre partner.

The Twendi Twendi hitmaker noted said that she wants a rich man who is good in bed stating that in life it’s all about being happy.

“Money is very important we use money in the production of our songs and I would want a man who would sponsor my music and invest in our children and should have stamina in bed,” she said.

Justina stated that bed matters were crucial for couples despite being saved raising concerns that many saved people in marriages are languishing in sexual starvation by their partners who have turned out to be so ‘saved’.

“Bedroom prowess is essential, some people pretend to be in heaven. Hapa duniani kama ni gidhaa ni gidhaa kama ni sex, ni sex you know there are people you are with and find out they are fasting for a whole month so hupati vitu,” she said.

“You have your man there and he can’t even move a finger for you you need somebody who is there for you when it comes to that matter because now it has been eight years of dry spell for me,” she added.

She disclosed that whenever she speaks about sex people troll her but she won’t relent.

“Pea Mpenzi vizuri muache kujifanya, nkiongea vitu kama hizi wananitroll hadi nashindwa kwani hawataki hizi vitu zihalalishwe,” she noted.

Last week, the singer released a Valentine’s song dubbed Valentine Boyfriend featuring a local comedian.

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