Niombeeni! Last Words of Woman who Died in Machakos Accident Friday

The scene of a Friday accident that claimed 4 people in Mwanyani, Machakos. (Photo - Courtesy)

Over the weekend four people perished in a ghastly accident along Machakos-Kitui road. The accident involved a personal car and a truck belonging to Kenya Power and Lighting company limited and happened in Mwanyani area.

Those in the lorry sustained slight injuries while those in the personal car perished on the spot. The car had three women and a man who was driving the car at the time of the accident.

The driver of the car had tried to overtake other vehicles at a continuous yellow line before ramming on the lorry.

Details about one of those who died in the accident emerged after her friend on Facebook revealed the last moment. Mama Dan worked as a saloonist.

On that fateful day, she opened her business as usual around 9 am and closed at 1 pm because she had to travel. Before leaving she requested prayers from her friends as she was traveling.

However, she did not make it as the grisly accident claimed her precious life.

The lady on Facebook identified as Blessed Bella said her friend was a good woman who was a friend to many and her death came as a shocker.

“We mama Dan mbona so soon, ukafungua job saa tatu ukafunga saa saba ukasema uombewe unasafiri,(Hey Mama Dan why so soon, you opened your business at 9 am and closed at 1 pm then said we should pray for you because you’re traveling oh no),” read her post.

On the same road in Kyua another person lost his life after an accident. The driver of a 14 seater matatu died after the vehicle had a tire burst where several passengers sustained injuries. Another person who was rushing to rescue them fell into a 86ft pit and died with recovery operations being concluded Monday.

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