9 doctors in Kitui test positive for COVID-19


Nine doctors from Kitui Referral Hospital and Mwingi Level 4 hospitals in Kitui County have so far tested positive for coronavirus since the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to Kitui County Chief Officer Health Dr. Richard Muthoka, these doctors are being treated through the Home-Based Isolation Program. 11 percent of the cases out of the total 108 reported are the ones having symptoms related to Covid-19.

“We have 9 doctors from those two hospitals who have tested positive for Covid-19 since the virus was reported in the country and they are being treated in their homes. In the cases reported only 11 percent of them are symptomatic, ” he said.

Muthoka said that they were doing contact tracing for all of the people that had interacted with the doctors so as to ensure that the virus does not spread in the county.

“When a doctor tests positive immediately we start contact tracing of every person they might have come into contact with. After that we collect their samples so they can be tested, ” Muthoka added.

On Friday, Kanzau area chief Josphat Kithome was laid to rest after he succumbed to Covid-19; a burial that was conducted by Kitui county health officials.

Last week, Kitui County confirmed 41 cases of coronavirus from County and National Government officials after ongoing testing was done in the offices. The county headquarters have so far been shut for 2 weeks after several staff tested positive.

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