Nimrod Mbai Warns Ngilu Never to send leaders who are not elected to Kitui East

A past photo of Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai. (Photo - File)

Kitui East MP Nimrod Mbai has warned Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu not to be sending leaders who are not elected by the people to his area.

Speaking to the mourners at the burial of the late Nancy Musyoka in Kitui East, Mbai lamented that healthcare in Kitui County had deteriorated asking Ngilu to personally walk to Kituil Level 4 hospital and check if the hospital has an ICU bed.

“We are angered by losing our people just because of someone’s carelessness and don’t ever think that we can’t do something about it.” The Kitui East MP said.

Mbai cautioned Ngilu never to send a leader who is not elected to any function to represent her especially in a place where they are talking about the death of an innocent person.

“What are we going to discuss with a person who we have never elected? Send him to Kitui west and not Kitui East, Kuvasila is my friend and I have tolerated him through his speech.” Mbai went on.

“We want to ask questions to the one we voted for, the same way when I come to this place I expect you to ask me questions because you voted for me,” Mbai added.

He cautioned everyone who will be sent by Governor Ngilu to the area and is not elected by the people that they will chase him or her because they are tired of cheap politics.

The vocal MP also stated that they have never involved themselves in the gubernatorial politics in the previous elections. He said that this time round they will make sure they have their say since they don’t want to be represented by a “lame” person who will make the residents of Kitui East suffer.

Kitui County Minister of Environment, Tourism, and Natural Resources Patrick Koki Musau alias Kuvasila was representing Ngilu at the function. Locals shouted him down and he faced difficulty while giving his speech.

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