Ngilu’s appointee in trouble during vetting over past remarks against Speaker Ndoto

Kitui County Assembly appointment committee chaired by Speaker George Ndoto vetting an appointee to the county public service board. (Photo- Kitui County Assembly)

On the 29th of June 2020, Kitui County Assembly had invited Governor charity Ngilu or his counsel to appear before the assembly to answer to the allegations in her impeachment motion.

Ngilu’s lawyers who went to the assembly were violently evicted in an incident that caused an uproar in social media. Morris Kimuli was among the lawyers who was involved in the altercation with the assembly security.

During the commotion, Morris and another advocate are alleged to have uttered remarks that the speaker George Ndoto was not of a sound mind and he needed some psychiatric tests.

5 months later, Kimuli was appointed to be a member of the Kitui County Public service board. It was during his vetting end last week by the Assembly appointment committee chaired by speaker George Ndoto that the alleged remarks returned to haunt him.

“He and another advocate actually said that the speaker who is the chair of the committee was out of his mind and needed some psychiatric tests. I don’t know how one being out of his mind can chair such a committee. ” Majority leader Peter Mwikya Kilonzo took on Kimuli.

Kimuli on the response said at that time he was doing his work as Ngilu’s counsel.

“The point is this. When you do your work and I do my work, even the work done by Honorable Members of the County Assembly, sometimes when the stakes are high we fight. I do not have a clear recollection of what I may have said what I know is there was an altercation between the legal team representing the governor and the County Assembly.” Kimuli said.

“Whatever happens if these members don’t find it suitable I will not regret it, I will move on with service elsewhere if there is someone else who can serve better than me. That’s alright” he added.

Other members who were vetted include; Nicodemus Ivuti Kisengese who is the proposed chair of the County Public service board, Linah Ngute, Ngele Kilonzi, and Charity Musyoka as members.

Speaking during the vetting the proposed chairperson narrated his experience of hiring staff locally and internationally vowing to ensure the best qualified, experienced, and people of integrity. He also promised to ensure promotions for those who were due according to their career guidelines.

“I have a lot of experience in hiring staff both locally and internationally. We will be looking for people who are qualified in education, integrity, and also in experience. ” He assured members.

In May, Kitui County Assembly held a special sitting in which they rejected the names of the nominees Kitui County Public Service Board forwarded to the County Assembly by Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu in February, 7 months after the term of the last service board expired in July 2019.

The nominees rejected were Francis Kiliku, Joseph Kyavoa, David Munyao, Lilian Kivati, Mwendwa Munyasya, and Esther Kasyoka. Bribery allegations were raised against then Deputy Speaker Kasee Musya of bribing MCAs to approve the nominees.

A disappointed Ngilu thereafter stated that she was not ready to nominate and forward other nominees to Kitui County Assembly, saying she is sure they will not be approved. Ngilu observed that there was political interference by the Kalonzo Musyoka led Wiper party that manipulated the majority of the MCAs in Kitui County Assembly to undermine her development agenda.

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