Ngilu impeachment motion postponed over 3 missing MCAs

Kitui County Assembly Majority leader Peter Kilonzo who was the mover of the Ngilu impeachment motion addressing the press in the Assembly Tuesday. Kilonzo announced the postponement of the motion over 3 missing MCAs. (Photo - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Kitui MCAs led by the Majority leader Peter Kilonzo alias Tangawizi have postponed the impeachment motion of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu which was scheduled for discussion from Wednesday. The Majority leader who was to move the motion said 3 MCAs were missing.

Kilonzo who also represents the residents of Athi ward told the press that the security of those missing MCAs who had already signed to impeach Ngilu is what pressed them to adjourn the motion until further notice.

He said they cannot move the impeachment motion if some members representing various wards do not turn up.

“If they fail to turn up in the next 8 consecutive parliamentary sittings then by following the law they are supposed to be removed from their positions. ” The Majority leader said.

Although the Majority leader did not mention names of the three missing MCAs he vowed to continue with Ngilu’s impeachment which he said is unstoppable at a later date.

“You know we invited the Governor to present herself in the Assembly but we cannot proceed if these MCAs are missing, their voters would wish to hear how they vote in the assembly either opposing or proposing,” Kilonzo added.

Kilonzo in the impeachment motion had accused Ngilu of misappropriation of public funds, Conflict of interest in the procurement of the ballast crusher, Failure to appoint a Health CECM for over 2 years, Failure to honour senate summons, undermining the authority of the County Assembly and failing to dismiss Trade, cooperative and Investment CECM Philip Mumo even after the assembly impeached him among other accusations. For the 12 charges in the impeachment motion, refer to our recent story.

Ngilu appearing before the Senate County Public Accounts and Investment Committee last week failed to elaborate how her Government spend 1.5billion in the financial year 2018/2019.

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