Ngengele’s 14-day ultimatum to Mutua over stalled projects in Masii ward

Urbanus Muthama Ngengele speaking at the burial of Agatha Loko Wambua in Kithangathini, Masii ward. (Photo -MN)

UDA aspirant in the recently concluded Machakos By-election Urbanus Muthama Ngengele has issued a 14-day ultimatum to Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua over stalled projects in Masii ward.

Some of the projects include the upgrading of market walkways in Masii and Mwala that was launched during the Senatorial campaigns. Despite the traders being evicted from the markets to give way for the works, they are now in limbo as a month later, the works have stalled and they cannot use their usual business places.

Ngengele also raised the issue of the stalled Masii stadium that according to a report in our earlier story is part of 33 million used in different stadiums that have since stalled. The community had also raised concerns over the location of the stadium next to Emwea dam while during public participation they proposed to have at Masii polytechnic.

“I want to thank Mwala MP and the people of Vyulya and Masii for standing with me in the By-election. I stopped in Kaseve on my way here and the women who hawk fruits at the market asked if I’m the one who was contesting for the Senatorial seat. In 2022 I will be seeking the same position. If you see my posters don’t remove them I will use them next year.” Ngengele said.

“The 20,000 voters who voted for me gave me the mandate to protect their resources. In Vyulya we have a stalled toilet project, in Masii market the recently launched walkways have stalled. I give a 14 days notice to the county government to resume the project otherwise when Covid-19 cases reduce we will demonstrate to Mutua’s offices.” He went on.

Ngengele was speaking at the funeral of Agatha Loko Wambua in Mikuyuni village, Kithangathini, Masii ward. In attendance was also Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musau Kawaya, Mwala MP hopeful Kilei Mutinda, LSK representatives among other leaders.

Agatha was mourned as a go-getter who was very hardworking leading her to establish a law firm Loko and Associates advocates where she was the managing partner till her demise from Diabetes complications.

Kilei Mutinda asked locals to exercise caution as Covid-19 had greatly hit Mwala noting that in the last week alone, 10 people in Mwala had succumbed to Covid-19 complications. He thanked residents for voting for Agnes Kavindu and standing with the Community. He further called on them to take the vaccine.

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Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Kawaya told locals to take Covid-19 seriously as it had just begun. According to the MP, he had lost close friends to him recently due to the virus and those with comorbidities should stay at home if possible. He also asked locals to take the Covid vaccine.

“In my own thinking, Covid has just begun. What we had before was a weak version of the real Coronavirus. We are losing so many people…Those with Diabetes and other pre-existing conditions know that you are in danger. Please stay at home. If it is not possible ensure you always put on a mask properly.” The MP advised.

“I took the vaccine and I would advise if you get the dose today take a rest the next day. You might get fatigued or have a fever. Do not fear the vaccine. You would rather get the vaccine and have pain for a day than wait for the virus to hit you badly. Let us take the corona thing very seriously.” He added.

The Mwala MP also asked locals to accord the newly elected senator Agnes Kavindu support to do her work noting that the task was on Kavindu to deliver her promises and pray for her.

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