Netizens unleash anger on Mwala MP for Supporting Fuel Price Hike

Netizens have fired shots at Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau alias Kawaya after he supported the move by the government to hike fuel prices.

The UDA Party National Organising Secretary was quoted by a local TV station stating that the government hiked the fuel prices as a way to curb cartels in the fuel sector.

He also noted that some traders were cunning enough to adulterate diesel with kerosene and sell it something that prompted the hiking of the prices of paraffin to curb such things.

This however did not sit well with netizens who decided to unleash their anger towards the MP.

Below are some of the reactions:

Hon Felix Mutinda said, “Hon. Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau Kawaya you have argued like someone with no knowledge….what is the benefit to the Less fortunate? if the people you are leading are crying daily due to lack of food.. withdraw your statement,”

Grace Milavio said, “We Kenyans are not bothered by sijui cartels or so, mafuta ishuke, cartels ni nyinyi ala! prices of basic commodities are rising every now and then, initially sukari imekuwa 150/- now it’s heading to 250/-.what do you want from poor Kenyans, give us a break kindly,”

Dennis John Tumba said, “The only way to stop Kawaya is very simple. Mwala people should discard him so that he can freely engage in Zakayo’s cult. Mwala people let’s not allow Kawaya to brainwash more of our young voters …who of course are naive and innocent to realize that he’s using them to stay in power. SAY NO TO KAWAYA and this mockery will be no more,”

H E Mutati Mwanthi said, “Kenya will be buried soon if instead of reducing the cost of gas they are talking of reducing cylinders then increase the cost of fuel and taxes and now the people who should defend the citizens are Kawaya,, rest in peace my lovely Kenya,”

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