NEMA shuts down Kitui slaughterhouse over hygiene

A mark by NEMA closing Kitui Slaughterhouse Thursday. (Photo - Raphael/Mauvoo)

National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) Thursday closed Kitui slaughterhouse for what they termed as not meeting the required standards of hygiene.

In the inspection they conducted in various parts of Kitui town, they noted the Kitui slaughterhouse was in bad condition and it required immediate action to ensure the quality of the meat produced met the standards.

NEMA deputy director Charles Langa speaking during the inspection said they supplied the management of that facility with stop order which they want them to comply with.

“We have walked around, we noted that most of the drainage systems have failed to adhere to required standards and are not working. So they expose a high environmental pollution level that we have requested them to try and comply with,” said Sanga.

Kitui NEMA Director Njoki Mukiri said the people living in the surrounding estates are at risk of disease outbreak due to a dirty environment occasioned by reckless disposal of waste from the abattoir.

Mukiri added if the county government would not comply and shut down the abattoir, NEMA would take legal action to ensure it adheres to hygiene standards for the safety of the people living around.

“What we are having here for sure is not even healthy because the state in which the meat is stored is not very good,” she stated.

Last year, the County Government of Kitui announced plans to build a modern abattoir at Kanyonyoo. Kitui County Deputy Governor Dr.Wathe Nzau then said that was justified due to the increase in the numbers of cows in the County and the County Government would begin processing and marketing meat, milk, and hides as a way of wealth creation and poverty eradication.

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