NDMA supports Kitui County to repair damaged boreholes

Kitui County Deputy Governor receives some of the equipment from NDMA and European Union that will be used to repair boreholes. (Photo credit - Raphael/Mauvoo)

Kitui County Government through the Department of Agriculture, Water and Irrigation has benefited with kshs. 5,708,630 the National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) to support the water sector in repairs of strategic boreholes, fitting new pumps and servicing of boreholes and shallow wells.

Kitui Deputy Governor Dr. Wathe Nzau while receiving the equipment from European Union in partnership with NDMA in Kitui said that the local technical team targeted boreholes in Kitui East, Kitui South, Mwingi Central, and Mwingi North. Areas which he observed have a major problem especially during the dry season.

Wathe named this as the right time to fix the boreholes citing that during the dry season the repaired ones will ultimately escalate water supply to many households hence eradicating water shortages which have been the major problem facing locals.

“I thank NDMA for bringing this timely project because we had experienced a hard time especially during the dry season and I know repairing those boreholes will ultimately increase water supply. I thank also our technical crew for selecting Kitui south, Kitui East, Mwingi central and Mwingi North for they experience hard times during drought. Since now I have launched this program, our technical team ensure you start your work immediately, “Wathe urged.

Kitui CECM for Agriculture, Water and Irrigation John Kisangau said Kitui has over 600 boreholes which are in need of repairs noting that his ministry has allocated 40 million for repairs and maintenance in the current financial year.

“We ask that the partnership between us and National Government through NDMA to continue because we have around 600 boreholes in the whole county not working,” said Kisangau.

NDMA coordinator in Kitui county Francis Koma revealed that 12 boreholes will be fitted with new pumps and replacement of missing parts including solar panels that had been stolen, 25 boreholes genders to be repaired and serviced, 20 boreholes to be fitted with new pipes, rods and pump cylinder heads to bring them back to operations adding that 2plastic tanks of 10m cubic each have been already issued to Mulango borehole and another one of similar volume to Mitamishi borehole in Mwingi North.

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