Ndeke explains Why he Prefers to Sing at Nightclubs

Kamba Gospel singer Ken Kijana alias Ndeke ya Muthanga has attracted controversy lately for performing at night clubs.

Speaking to Youtuber Rick be TV, Ndeke however noted that his nightclub performances have been bringing him more money than performing at churches.

Ndeke explained how his show with other Benga artists in Mombasa went stating that he was well taken care of.

“People who go to clubs have money and drive big cars, I was surprised,” said Ndeke.

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He went further to explain how he met a lady who offered to cater to all his needs.

According to Ndeke the lady bought her food and fueled his car.

Last month, Ndeke got into a heated argument with Benga artist Alex Kasau alias Katombi who had asked Gospel artists to stick to churches and leave clubs for Benga artists.

Ndeke has however insisted that he is ready to perform anywhere he is invited.

Ndeke is among the artists slated to perform at the second Kamba Festival set for September.

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