Nancy Muthiani ‘Msanii’ Rocks Radio World with Move to Rival Station

Nancy Muthiani, popularly known as Msanii in the radio world, has made headlines with her recent move from Sang’u FM to Akamba FM.

 This shift has stirred excitement and anticipation among her loyal listeners and the broadcasting community at large.

At Sang’u FM, Nancy was the vibrant host of the “Syakane Show,” a dynamic program that aired from 4-7 pm, bringing a blend of entertainment, music, and engaging discussions to listeners’ evenings. 

Additionally, her Saturday show, “Syindu Myaki Myaki,” was a hit, attracting a dedicated audience with its unique mix of content.

Msanii who is related to Musyi FM presenter Irene Wavinya Mwiitu wa Muthiani had worked at the station owned by Bonnie Musambi for over two years.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Nancy expressed gratitude to her former employer, acknowledging the support and opportunities she received during her time at Sang’u FM.¬†

She also shared her enthusiasm for the new chapter in her career at Akamba FM, hinting at exciting assignments and fresh initiatives to come.

The move to Akamba FM signifies not just a change in the station but also a strategic shift for Nancy, who once worked for Mbaitu fM and her fans are eagerly waiting for her debut on the airwaves of Akamba FM anticipating the innovative programs and captivating moments she is known for.

Akamba FM launched 11 months ago and has stood the test of time by poaching well-known presenters and reporters from renowned stations.

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