Myello and Kavwele reconcile, dismiss leaked recording

Samuel Mutuku Alias Kavwele and Justus Myello after a meeting. (Photo - Courtesy)

Radio presenter Samuel Mutuku alias Kavwele Junior and singer Justus Myello seem to have reconciled. This is according to a video clip where the two met in the presence of a preacher at a city hotel.

Myello dismissed the alleged recording of him and Rachael Kay where In the alleged recording, he admitted to cheating with her tagging other secular artists and a renown radio presenter. The recording caused a huge uproar on social media.

“The things you see being spread in social media are not true and are works of the devil. The devil is the father of lies. These are things which are old and were just released recently.” Myello said.

“What I can say is that you (Kavwele) are born again and have your own testimony just like I am and the salvation can never be taken away from me. Those who have wronged me are forgiven.” Myello went on.

He urged social media users to avoid sharing lies on social media calling on them to be careful. The two shook hards in reconciliation vowing to continue with their calling.

The feud between Myello and Kavwele began some times back after Kavwele criticized his latest song then saying he was lying to people that he was a born again but he was living a double life while hiding behind salvation.

Myello took to social media and allegedly insulted the presenter in a post that was deleted. He hit back later saying he doesn’t entertain nonsense even from his own mother.

“This guy has peddled a lot of nonsense. This is the same nonsense you want me to stoop low to and accommodate somebody whom I know is a fool, and am not taking any crap, I do not entertain nonsense from anyone, I do not entertain nonsense even from my mother and that is how I am and I cannot change, ” Myello said then.

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