My life is in danger for opposing BBI – Kibwana

A past photo of Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana. Kibwana now says his life is in danger. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana now says his life is in danger for opposing the BBI Report. Kibwana through a series of tweets now says the state has increased surveillance on him.

“I am under close state surveillance. Drones hover over my official residence. Electronic gadgets in the house are compromised. As it was during Moi and NCEC, so it is now. I have repeatedly made this public and reported it to authorities. I will not be intimidated. ” The Governor in a Tweet said.

“If the JUBILEE-ODM govt. does not facilitate a genuine national conversation on the proposed BBI law changes, I WILL BE ONE AMONG MILLIONS OF KENYANS who oppose the Handshake Constitution. Constitution 2010 must be saved and implemented fully. ” Kibwana went on.

Below are some reactions to Kibwana’s remarks.

Mutie Ceo said, ” Great prof for noticing the bad intention by this BBI nonsense, we should stand to defend what is good for the people. This BBI will cost peace for the nation. “

Kibe Maina said, ” Rao needs BBI to launch his presidential campaigns & reward his tribal kingpins. I don’t know why it’s so hard to see this open secret. Prepare to oppose, we will support you. “

Musakulu Mwene said, ” What stops you from initiating your own popular constitution? conversation and amendment. ODM and jubilee don’t have the monopoly for that. You have a constitutional right. If popular, do it. “

Pauline Mugure said, ” I’m with you on this 100%! This BBI should not be like medicine forced down our throats. This is still a democracy and we have a right to say NO to what we deem detrimental to our welfare. Stop the BBI FRAUD! “

“Kudos, Mheshimiwa Kenyan will fully back you. Coward people like Kalonzo can’t make to be president in today’s politics. ” Titus Kirimi added.

Last week, Kibwana took a swipe at leaders who he said are chest-thumping on the BBI noting that ordinary Kenyans have not had a chance to read the report as there has been no effort to distribute copies to them.

The second term governor expressed his concerns with the judiciary ombudsman proposal in the BBI report, that of the police commission and devolving 35 percent of the budget among other issues.

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