Mwingi North CDF to renovate Mandongoi primary when schools close


A source at Mwingi North MP Paul Nzengu’s office has confined to Mauvoo News that Mandongoi primary is set to get a facelift when schools close from the Mwingi NG-CDF. A fundraiser has also been organized on the 12th of June.

The main purpose of the NG-CDF is to address the socio-economic development of the people at the constituency level in order to reduce poverty and enhance regional equity or a variation of the same.

Images of Mandongoi primary in Mwingi North, Kitui county have been circulating on social media showing school children in a pathetic mud-walled classroom.

The hopeless children pictured peeping through the cracked walls seemed to have a quest for education but the classes were likely to be blown out by strong wind and cause harm to the little kids.

Netizens stormed in to blame the leaders from the region including Former Vice president Dr. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka who was the area MP for 28 years. Below are some of the reactions from netizens on the condition of the school.

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Charles Mwalimu said, “This is Mandongoi Primary School. It is in my constituency, Mwingi North. The school has a population of over 500 pupils. Do you see those kids? Their parents are required to vote for BBI because the government that has neglected them says so. On 12th June we’ve been invited to a Harambee to raise 1.2M required to put up some classes. I bet none of the BBI proponents will attend. But I’ll attend and give my small contribution, probably 5-10k. You should attend too, and give these kids hope, they deserve it.”

Enoch Cheruiyot said “Kalonzo was area MP for 28 Years, Ngilu is now Governor for 4 Years! The area MP is a Building Contractor! Do we blame the High Court for this one too?”

Pundit01 said, “This is Mandongoi primary school in Mwingi North, Kitui county where Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka comes from, where Ngilu is the governor, I’ll not mention the MP coz he cares more about his construction company which can’t build a single classroom in that school.

Paulyn Mercy said, “Do we have government leaders in that region? where are the county allocation funds? the Governor is too Busy with one side of KITUI county forgetting the county itself borders Garissa, TanaRiver, Makueni, Tharaka, and Machakos. What does their MP represent at the National Assembly? I blame all the leaders.

Job added, “Blame your area MP, not BBI, it’s irrelevant. This school has been there for several years and BBI has not been there in those years and therefore, your blame and argument are irrelevant. Engage your area MP and CDF.”

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