Mwengi Mutuse Explains Why He Voted Yes to Finance Bill

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse is among the MPs who are facing backlash on social media for voting yes to the finance bill.

The MP has however defended his decision to vote yes noting that they had listened to Kenyans and removed taxes that matter.

Mutuse explained that taxes on bread, Motor Vehicles, cooking oil diapers, and Sanitary pads were removed as a response to the cries of Kenyans.

“Overall, all TAXES complained about have been REMOVED,” he noted.

Mutuse went on to explain that as a result of this Finance Bill 46,000 intern JSS teachers will be confirmed to be permanent and pensionable, ⁠20,000 new teachers will be employed, and Electricity will go to every village, Ksh. 50m per constituency in addition to the National allocation.

According to Mutuse NG- CDF allocation for Kibwezi West will increase by over Ksh. 30m meaning more bursaries.

Mutuse Further warned Kenyans that the opposition in Parliament is playing politics because In private, they support the Finance Bill.

“I’m not a hypocrite. Real leaders emerge at difficult times. Let’s put the future of Kenya above today’s Populist interests,” he concluded.

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