Mwala MP wants cancer screening made mandatory for all Kenyans

Mwala MP Hon. Eng Vincent Musyoka wants cancer screening made mandatory for all Kenyans.
Mwala MP Hon. Eng Vincent Musyoka wants cancer screening made mandatory for all Kenyans. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau alias Kawaya has asked the Government to make Cancer screening mandatory for all the Kenyans. According to the MP this will help those with the disease begin their treatment early and increase the chances of their survival.

Eng. Vincent Musyoka observed that cases of cancer are increasing and many life’s are being lost to the disease. He says that there is need for the government to declare the disease a national disaster and give cancer serious attention.

“In as much as we are seeing cases of this disease growing, I would like to give a few suggestions that will help us fight cancer in the short term and long term. To begin with, NHIF cover should take care of cancer treatment cost regardless of which form or type of cancer.”

“Secondly, there is need for the government to establish a world standard cancer treatment centre in this nation that will treat people and also do research on the disease. Many people who have cancer are going abroad as we don’t have a dedicated facility with capacity to treat all forms of cancer fully.” The MP added.

“Third, there is need for the government to enforce free mandatory cancer screening for everyone. May be before accessing government services you prove that in the last one year you have done screening. The screening should be free and available. The government has money and nothing should prevent them from having a screening facility in every sub county.” Eng. Vincent Musyoka urged.

The youthful Mp noted that the main challenge was the disease being discovered in the late stages which means its hard for the victim to be treated. Musau also urged the government to come up with proper plans for cancer screening at least once a year.

On the preventive side, Musau called on the the government to ensure safety of what Kenyans are taking as food. “The government must do a crackdown on our food supply chains, everyone that deals with food going to Kenyans must get certified by KEBS. Its just the other day you saw how the meat we take is laced with chemicals.”

In July 2019 alone, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore, Kibra MP Ken Okoth and Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso were among Kenyans that lost their life’s to cancer.

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  1. He did it by recording a voice record and sharing it in WhatsApp.. If was really serious,he should have done it in the national assembly.


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