Kawaya says MPs’ Salary Hike is untimely

Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musau has refuted claims that lawmakers were aware of a proposed salary increase from the Salary and Remuneration Commission.

In an exclusive interview, Musau criticized the report’s timing, highlighting that it emerged during intense national demonstrations and calls for dialogue.

“The report paints us as greedy and is intended to fuel further chaos in the country,” Musau stated.

¬†“Discussing salary increments is both unnecessary and untimely. We are currently in the midst of a crucial crisis, focusing on how to assist our youth. To suddenly see this report, I assure you, no one asked for a salary increase from where I sit.”He added.

Musau emphasized that lawmakers were not aware of any salary hikes and suggested that there might be a hidden agenda to portray them as irresponsible.

 “We should consider every perspective here. There could be an ulterior motive to paint lawmakers negatively at such a critical time. Moreover, our salaries eventually benefit the public,” he added.

He also called on media outlets to avoid implying that lawmakers initiated the salary increase proposal. 

Musau urged sensitivity in reporting, pointing out that the proposal includes the president, deputy president, governors, and women representatives, not just MPs.

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