Mwala: 4 -Year Old dies while being rushed to Hospital after drowning in a dam

A 4-year-old baby died while being rushed to Machakos Level 5 Hospital for treatment after being rescued from a dam in Katitika village, Mbiuni location of Mwala sub-county.

Confirming the incident, Katitika Village Manager Francis Makau said that the 4-year-old was alone when he got into the dam but residents rushed to rescue him but succumbed while he was being rushed to the hospital.

The village manager called on parents to be on the lookout for their kids especially during this long holiday to ensure that such cases are avoided.

He further called on the County Government to ensure that they fence all the dams in the rural areas to avoid such incidents.

“Parents let’s be on the lookout for our kids because if this child was being looked after such could not have happened also we ensure that we do not leave our children on their own,” Makau said.

“My plea is for County Government to avoid such accidents we need to fence all the dams in our areas for safety purposes,” he added.

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