Mwala: 11-Month-Old boy drowns in a Basin

Police have launched investigations over the death of an 11-month infant who drowned in a water basin in Mwala.

Confirming the incident Machakos County Commander Joseph Ole Napeiyan said that the infant had been left under the care of his 13-year-old sister.

He noted that the incident was reported at Mbiuni police station as a drowning report.

According to the police commander, the 13-year old who is a class 8 student retrieved the child who was not responding from the basin and took him to her grandmother for resuscitation.

“It was reported by a juvenile aged 13, a class eight pupil and a resident of Mavindini village accompanied by area village manager Jane Kalondu Matata that she was left in the custody of her brother aged 11 months by her mother who works as a casual laborer,” said the County Police Boss.

“At around 6.00 pm, the class 8 pupil left the young child outside and entered the kitchen but on returning she found her brother inside a basin of water. She retrieved him from the water and rushed him to his grandmother for first aid but it was in vain as he had passed on,” he added.

The County Police Boss now has called on parents to be responsible and stop leaving their children under the care of minors.

The Body of the infant was taken to Yatta Funeral Home for autopsy.

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