Mutuse to Host Kibwezi West Youth Conference after Finance Bill Uproar

Kibwezi West MP Mwengi Mutuse has announced the first Kibwezi West Youth Conference set to take place within the next 30 days.

This event aims to foster constructive dialogue with the youth of Kibwezi West, recognizing them as key stakeholders in the region’s present and future development.

In his announcement, Mutuse emphasized the importance of engaging the youth on critical issues to better represent them at local, national, and global levels.

The conference will provide a platform for young people to voice their concerns and contribute to shaping policies that impact their lives.

To ensure diverse and comprehensive representation, Mutuse has called upon various community groups to nominate members to a committee responsible for planning the conference.

These groups include the Catholic Church in Kibwezi West, the Kibwezi West University Students Association, the Kibwezi West Clergy Board, the Muslim Community, Boda Boda Associations, Tertiary Colleges Students Associations, Secondary School Student Governments, youth in business, unemployed graduates, young teachers, and youth involved in technology, arts, creative sectors, and the matatu sector.

The conference will feature a 50/50 gender representation and will address several key topics like Youth unemployment and job creation, Financial empowerment and youth enterprise, Education and training, Leveraging technology and the digital space, Faith and religion, Human rights and civic duty, Multiparty democracy, pluralism, and political tolerance

The MP has invited suggestions for additional pertinent topics to be discussed at the conference.

The event will be free of charge, emphasizing inclusivity and accessibility for all youth in Kibwezi West.

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