Mutula reveals how Ruto won 2022 elections, advises Kalonzo on Presidency

Makueni Governor Mutula Kilonzo Junior has disclosed how President William Ruto won the 2022 August elections.

Speaking at Muvau, Mutula said that apart from aggressive campaigning Ruto had a lot money which catapulted him to the presidency.

According to Mutula if not for money, Ruto would not have won. He urged Kamba leaders to be orderly and have a solid plan if they dream of getting the Presidency.

The Governor noted that Ruto had people who stood with him financially thus giving him an upper hand in the elections.

“You want to be president yet you cannot even give out 10 million shillings. This thing is not collected on the road. Just ask the one on the seat how he did it, he would be frustrated here and get money from somewhere else until he got the seat while some thought it was a joke,” Mutula said.

“He was self-sufficient and that is why he is seated on the seat, now you are claiming you want to go to Statehouse, that is not how things are done, statehouse is not a bedroom that you would tell someone to move a bit for you to sleep,”he added amid laughter from the crowd.

He noted that if the Kamba community does not position itself well, then getting the presidency will be a dream that will never come true.

Mutula spoke while launching the Ndukuma dam that is being constructed by the County Government of Makueni.

The County has committed 50 million for the first phase of the 58-acre dam. Once completed the dam will serve more than 19 villages.

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