Mutua’s administration blamed for faulty ambulances during Bunge Mashinani session

Governor Mutua’s administration and the Department of Health and Emergency services have been blamed for faulty ambulances and asked to equip them with modern equipment. This is according to MCAs during a Bunge Mashinani session at Kathiani.

The MCAs passed a motion that the Department of Health and Emergency Services in Machakos County equips the existing ambulances with all the requisite safety equipment and assigns a modern ambulance to Kathiani Level 4 Hospital. 

“Most of these ambulances lack requisite equipment such as portable oxygen apparatus; portable and fixed suction  apparatus, portable and fixed oxygen supply equipment and oxygen administration equipment among  others; aware that this state of affairs risks losing lives that would otherwise have been saved if the  ambulance facility is well equipped with the said equipment.” Kathiani MCA while tabling the motion said. 

Kangundo Central MCA Moses Mitaa speaking in support of the motion said that most of the ambulances bought by the county government lay in hospitals faulty yet lives were being lost due to lack of emergency services.

Mitaa further cautioned leaders to stop sugar-coating issues because they are aligned to the Governor saying that the electorate mattered more than their alignments.

“I wonder why Honorable Ndawa is standing here to discuss other issues when Matuu level 4 has no mortuary, within a day my brother started to change and we had to look for a doctor so that surgery would be performed for us to get him out of there,” he said.

“If we are being elected madam speaker we should check on what we are doing so that we don’t hurt our electorate, let us not stand and defend someone rather we should defend our own. There is nothing to hide our ambulances especially in Kangundo level 4 are out of use, most of them are faulty because there is no money for maintenance money,” Mitaa added.

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