Mutua slams Kalonzo for calling Kamba community cowards

Enraged Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Dr. Alfred Mutua has slammed Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka for calling the Kamba community cowards.

Taking to Facebook, Mutua said that the Kamba community is not cowards but a peace-loving community and that is the reason why they did not take part in the demos that resulted in violence and bloodshed.

“I have seen the unfortunate remarks from one of the opposition leaders wondering why Kambas did not participate in the recent violence in Kenya. Surprisingly, a leader of the stature of Hon. Kalonzo Musyoka who has built his career in diplomacy and peacebuilding would urge communities to violence. It is even more surprising that he would wonder why there is peace,” Mutua in the post said.

“I wish to humbly and with a lot of respect, inform him that the world and Kenya prefer peace to violence. This is not because a certain community – Kambas in this case – are cowards. NO – it is because they are just not violent and do not approve of maandamano, violence, looting, and destruction of property,” added Mutua.

The CS said that it is surprising for Kalonzo to expect the community to behave in an unruly way when they have better things to do.

He added that the country has already moved on from the last elections and those pushing for the demos are exposing their desperate underbellies.

Mutua added that engaging in violence is nothing to be proud of and makes no one a hero.

“Kenyans and indeed Kamba’s are intelligent people and do not engage in futility. People know the reality and no amount of desperation will get us to participate in a lost cause,” he went on.

“You really want our relatives to burn their businesses in Machakos, Kitui, Mwingi, Wote, etc to be seen to be brave? Engaging in violence and unjustified processes do not make one a hero. They, instead, expose one’s desperate underbelly,” added Mutua.

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