Mutua launches ambitious Bee keeping program

Farmers in Burundi being assisted to set up bee hives by the Bee Hive Group. (credit - The Bee hive Group)

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua Tuesday launched an ambitious bee keeping program that targets atleast 100,000 households in Machakos County. The program is being rolled out in partnership with The Bee Hive Group, a company that focuses on supply of modern commercial beekeeping equipment and purchase of honey and bee products.

According to Mutua, the over 100,000 households will each receive 10 CAB hives in the coming Financial year 2018/2019. The estimated income per CAB hive each year is Ksh. 600,000 an equivalent to Ksh. 50,000 a month to over 100,000 households which translates to an income of 5 billion a month to the Farmers. This according to Mutua will be an excellent strategy to fight poverty in Machakos. The deal will also see the farmers receive free training and extension service from The Bee Hive Group so as to fully benefit from the program. The company has also been tasked to provide market for the Honey.

Bee keeping experts have however questioned the sustainability of the program as it is not easy to get bees in every household in the county, enough for ten bee hives. The experts also questioned the duration of harvest as some times honey takes several months before harvesting and cannot be harvested monthly.

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