Mutua hits out at Mwala MP for dismissing Philomena Mutheu’s case as ingenuine

A past photo of Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka alias Kawaya and Governor Mutua. (Photo credit - Courtesy)

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has said that he confirmed Philomena Mutheu’s case was genuine just hours after Mwala MP Eng. Vincent Musyoka Musau said that the case was not genuine. Philomena Mutheu made headlines after penning a letter to the president requesting fees support.

“I enquired about this story from the principal and the principal says that this is not a genuine story. He said this is a student whose school fees is paid fully by an NGO! The principal further says that the girl is not the author of the letter and has distanced herself from the letter! Indeed if it was a genuine case at sure somehow it would have reached our office through the local administration or the community,” The Mwala MP was quoted saying in a Whatsapp Forum.

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred while announcing that he had cleared fees for Philomena Mutheu said that he confirmed the case was genuine.

“Early this morning, I established that her case is genuine and not a fabrication as some people had purported. I commend her courage to pen her desperate situation and expose her suffering publicly.The girl and her younger sister are vulnerable and are being tossed from one relative to another. They have been receiving support from an organization known as Oasis of Hope which has already paid Kshs 5,000 for her. ” The Governor revealed.

Mutua promised to clear fee balances for the 4 students who had not returned to school after they were sent home.

“The able Principal Madam Ireri and I have agreed that she will not send any student home due to lack of fees but will inform me so that I can take appropriate measures. I urge the National Government to keep to their promise and declaration that no student shall be sent home due to lack of school. ” Mutua added.

The school principal in an earlier phone call revealed that the director of the NGO was the one who assisted the girl to write the letter by drafting it for her so that she could copy it but when she saw that letter had been addressed to the head of state she developed cold feet but the friend took the letter and finished writing it.

” The letter was drafted by the director of the NGO and given to the girl to write but from the information we got is thet she got scared when she found out that the letter was addressed to the head of state but the friend told her not fear and took the letter and finished it up for her,” she said.

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