Mutua exposed for ‘stage-managing’ help to Philomena Mutheu


Fresh details have emerged concerning a letter that was addressed to the president by Philomena Mutheu a student at St. Mary’s Kithangaini in Mwala about her fees arrears. Mutua is now being said to have stage-managed help to the case.

A recorded conversation between the Principal of St. Marys Kithangaini and Director of Oasis of Hope Eric revealed that the said letter was only sent to Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua through his WhatsApp account immediately after it was drafted then thereafter it began circulating in social media only for the Governor to appear later offering help.

This raised questions on why the Governor did not offer help after receiving the letter in the first instance but circulated it and appeared later to help after it had circulated.

“I told the girl I would try and look for some help, so I took the letter and send it to Governor Alfred Mutua on his Whatsapp account explaining the issue of the girl and within five minutes he had read the letter, so I saw it on social media and I knew maybe since he is the governor he has ordered for the letter to be published online,” The director in the recording reveals.

In an exclusive interview with Mauvoo News, Mwala MP Vincent Musyoka went on to say that the girl was not the author of the letter as he had stated earlier saying that the letter was drafted by the director of the Oasis of Hope NGO and gave the girl the letter to write but she developed cold feet and her friend took it and finished writing it for her. He further stated that her fees was earlier being paid by Living Positive.

“I still remain firm to say that the girl was not the author of the letter. Oasis of Hope Director confirmed that they Fm drafted the letter for the girl to write but she was reluctant at first and later she wrote but in between after introducing herself she refused to continue when her friend who had introduced her to the NGO finished up for her and you can note the letter has two handwriting, ” said the Mwala MP.

The legislator went ahead to warn leaders against using a situation like this to gain political mileage saying the girl at the moment was traumatized because she did not know even how the letter became so publicized and that the girl was needy given that she was a total orphan and she did not only need fees but also requires other things for her upkeep.

“This girl is more traumatized than ever given that she does not have both parents and she comes from a place with family issues and now she needs to be taken care of rather than using her to perform some PR stunts,” he said.

Several well-wishers are said to have fully cleared the girl’s fees before the Governor made the announcement to pay the fees.

Machakos Governor on Wednesday said that he had paid school fees for the girl and communicated to the principal to ensure that all other students who were sent home for fees arrears report back.

“Early this morning, I established that her case is genuine and not a fabrication as some people had purported. I commend her courage to pen her desperate situation and expose her suffering publicly. The girl and her younger sister are vulnerable and are being tossed from one relative to another. They have been receiving support from an organization known as Oasis of Hope which has already paid Kshs 5,000 for her. ” The Governor said while announcing help to Philomena Mutheu.

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