Mutua blames Muthama and Wiper for ‘stopping investors’ from coming to Machakos

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua at Tala, Matungulu. (Photo -Juline/Mauvoo)

Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua has come out guns blazing at Wiper Party and Former senator Johnson Muthama for locking investors out of Machakos County and making thousands of youth go jobless.

Speaking at Tala market in Matungulu Subcounty of Machakos County Mutua said that he had met investors from all over the world to come and invest in Machakos but through politics done by Wiper the investors lost faith in investing in the county.

“I rallied investors from different countries to come and invest in the county so that our youths can be employed, I had planned over half a million jobs for our youths but it did not happen as Wiper Party stopped the investors through a court order, because they said if Mutua is allowed to bring those investors here and our children get employed the people of Machakos will get wise and realize that we have been taking them for a ride, ” he said.

Mutua continued to urge residents to vote for John Mutua Katuku as the new senator so that he can continue working for the people of Machakos without politics being involved as the senator-elect will not be bothering him with politics rather they will be working together in a bid to ensure the county is progressing.

“Give me a senator who I will work with not someone who will fight me instead of us working together, I do not want us to stop investors from coming in because of petty politics, elect Katuku we work together,” he said.

He further asked leaders to continue with peaceful politics during this campaign period and asked residents to ensure they let leaders sell their manifestos without disturbing their rallies.

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