Muthama’s Advice to President Ruto After Gen Z Protests

PSC Commissioner Johnson Muthama has called on President William Ruto to take decisive action to revitalize his administration.

Muthama emphasized the unique opportunity presented to the President by the people of Kenya, encouraging him to use this moment to correct past errors and inject new energy into the governance system.

“The President should seize the opportunity granted to him by Kenyans to reboot his governance system and inject fresh impetus into his administration. This rare moment allows him to correct past mistakes and steer the country toward prosperity,” stated muthama through his Facebook account.

The Gen Z protests which lasted for three weeks and left over 40 people dead, have drawn attention to various issues affecting President Ruto’s administration.

The President has promised to make changes in his government and control his allied leaders who have been largely blamed for displaying arrogance and opulence.

Engaging youths through X space the president promised to listen more and show empathy.

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