Muthama: Why Ukambani won’t produce a President soon

PSC Commissioner Johnson Muthama has given his opinion on why the Kamba Community won’t produce a president anytime soon.

The former Machakos Senator said that the time the Kamba Community was closer to getting the presidency was when he and former Kitui Senator, David Musila signed for Kalonzo to become the Vice-President in 2007 and so chances are that the community will not produce a President anytime soon.

“Kamba community I’m telling you that I have seen it all in the politics of Kenya when we were edging closer to the presidency but now I tell you it is gone. If there is anyone who saw the Kamba Community near the presidency is Muthama because the signature that was appended by Muthama and Musila is what made Kalonzo the Vice President. In 2013 and 2017 I left when we were near the presidency but former president Uhuru Kenyatta shortchanged us when we were nearly entering the statehouse,” Muthama stated.

Muthama claimed that it will be hard for the community to get closer to the presidency especially since it is now President Ruto in power and he is not letting it go anytime soon.

The ex-senator added that President Ruto has put in place policies and resources to steer development in Ukambani and thus the Kamba Community should fully support him and forget about producing a president.

“Vying for president is not easy, I prophesy to you that this seat for the presidency is not going to our community anytime soon especially since Ruto is in control. Take it from me that Ruto is mobilizing resources to bring development to you, as Psalms 22: 1 ‘says my God, my God, why have you forsaken me? why are you far away from saving me, so far away from my cries of anguish?’,” Muthama added.

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