Muthama supporters gift Machakos crawling family

Former Machakos senator Johnston Muthama's supporters together with her wife as they handed over a toilet to the crawling family. (Photo credit - Nadia)

Supporters of Former Machakos Senator Johnston Muthama under Kiamba Movement Whatsapp group together with Jemima Muthama (wife to senator Muthama) Monday commissioned a toilet they built for the Uiini crawling family and gifted them with household items.

“I first saw this story in Kiamba Movement Whatsapp group. When I opened the clip, I could not even complete watching it. It really touched my heart and when my husband came home I shared it with him and he was equally perturbed.” Jemima Muthama narrated.

“We asked ourselves, we are eating and our children are going to school but the Matheka family sometimes lacks even a meal. As people, Godliness has left us that’s why even with neighbors, it took the media to highlight the plight of these neighbors for them to get assistance.” She went on.

The story was covered by KTN in November 2019 for the first time attracting the attention of several stakeholders who came out to assist the family.

Jemima lauded the people who helped in the project beginning with Pk Mutua who assisted in highlighting the story of the family, Former Mitaboni MCA, Thadeus Mutisya who pushed for contributions and checking on the progress.

For the blind girl, Jemima promised to ensure she is enrolled at the Kenya School for the blind.

“This family will never lack food, every month, I will bring foodstuff for this family and the other family.” She added amidst cheers.

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